Wearable Devices

Welcome to our new website. You will find a list of projects below. We will add more details soon.

  • We have developed a portable potentiostat and an App for real-time metabolite sensing from sweat with Nanoflex Ltd (in collaboration with A. Wemyss and D. Haddleton – Chemistry dept.).
  • We are also working on a device capable of accurately and non-invasive hear rate monitoring using multi-sensor photoplethysmography (PPG) suitable for applications in pulse measurement and circulation profiling.
  • mPatch, mobile device for fitness monitoring using microfluidic hydrogel patch. Funded by High Value Manufacturing Catapult. J. Charmet (PI), A. Asadipour (Co-I), D. Haddleton (CoI), J. Klein-Seetharaman (CoI), E. Kendrick (CoI).