Organs on a Chip

Welcome to our new website. You will find a list of projects below. We will add more details soon.

  • We are developing a blood brain barrier on a chip with integrated sensors to continuously monitor the barrier’s integrity in the context of drug delivery. We have received funding from the Royal Society (RGS\R2\180434) to build a dedicated microscope/incubator and a PhD studentship funded by the MRC DTP.
  • We are aslo developping a cell mechanotransduction platform to understand how a cluster of cells in the early stages of development becomes an embryo like structure. These large tissue-scale movements and shape changes known as tissue morphogenesis, cannot be understood without understanding the biochemical and biomechanical processes on a single cell level. We have received funding from MAS CDT (EPSRC) for one PhD studentship.
  • We have recently started a new project on bioprinting of cardiovascular system funded by the Monash-Warwick Alliance.