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Microfabrication and Manufacturing – Charmet Lab

Microfabrication and Manufacturing

Welcome to our new website. You will find a list of projects below. We will add more details soon.

  • Low cost micro-injection moulding strategy for the fabrication of microfluidic devices. Funded by Research Development Fund, University of Warwick. J. Charmet (PI), V. Goodship (CoI), J. MacPherson (CoI), P. Unwin (Coi), O. Soyer (Coi), J. Klein-Seetharaman (Coi), and R. Dallmann (Coi).
  • Microfabrication suite for early career researchers. Funded by EPSRC (EP/S017887/1)
  • Microfabtrication toolbox. We are keen to develop microfabrication tools and methods for and with the people who need them most. In particular, we work closely with biologists, clinicians, researchers outside of pure engineering disciplines and with little technological knowledge and with colleagues from low and middle income countries. See here for recent news