Liquid Biopsy

Welcome to our new website. You will find a list of projects below. We will add more details soon.

  • Flow rate independent multiscale device to capture circulating tumour cells with HemoSmartMed Ltd. The device will be launched on the market in 2020. We have also recently been awarded a GCRF funded project (University of Warwick) to evaluate the device for the prognosis of Head and Neck Cancer with partners at Universitas Gadja Madah, Indonesia and Lawrence Young (Warwick Medical School).
  • Integrated microfluidic platform with MEMS cantilever for the early detection of prostate cancer using dry mass sensing. Funded by EPSRC (grant EP/R00403X/1). J. Charmet (PI).
  • Integrated Diagnostic Platform for Malaria. Funded by Global Partnership Fund, University of Warwick. J. Charmet (PI), Y. Whulanza – Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia (CoI).
  • PleuSense: Integrated Microfluidic Platform for the Differential Diagnosis of Pleural Effusion. Funded by: Newton Fund – Institutional Links – 352360246. J. Charmet (PI), T. Lacin – Marmara University, Turkey (PI), E. Yildirim – Cankaya University, Turkey (CoI).