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we have uploaded the supplementary materials (including codes, STL files, etc for the Microfabrication Toolbox paper. See here or check the icon on the top right of the website

We are delighted to announce that the website now starts to look like one 😉 We are still working on it, but it is getting there.

Our paper on Low Cost Microfabrication Toolbox is now online In the manuscript, we describe a number of low-cost microfabrication tools (below £1000), developed or adapted and implemented in our laboratories. We describe photolithography, micromilling, 3D printing, xurography and screen-printing tools used for the microfabrication of structural and functional materials with feature sizes ranging between 10 and 1000 microns. Our paper aims to lower the entry barrier into the fascinating world of microfabrication, by putting simple, yet powerful tools in the hands of people who are likely to change the field tomorrow.